Monday, May 9, 2011

Macaroon Bars

For quite some time my Hubby and his family have been banging on about these Scottish Sweeties from their childhood and with anything sweet I'm willing to give it a try.  However, the only place that you can get them is Scotland, and I really couldn't be much further away in the UK.  Fortunately though, my mum told me that she would be travelling to Edinburgh for work, so I was straight in with my request for the Macaroon Bars.  And as baffled as me to what these sweets were, she asked about and found the treasure to return home with.  Well wasn't I impressed, and disappointed that I hadn't got my hands on Macaroon Bars sooner.  Not of the patient type, I didn't really want to wait for my Mum to return to Scotland before I could have them again.  So I set about looking up recipes on the internet, and appeared easy and cheap to make.  The biggest surprise of course was that it is made with Potato!  Well at least I could get one of my five a day in, of sorts.  Please give these wee sweeties a try, they will not disappoint. x

  • 1 Small Potato

  • Icing Sugar

  • Chocolate, Plain, Milk or White

  • Desiccated Coconut

Firstly peel, chop, and boil the Potato until cooked through. Whilst that's on, put the Coconut into a frying pan and lightly toast.  Place to one side.  Mash the cooked Potato and pop into the fridge for a little while just to cool through.  In a bowl add the Potato and enough Icing Sugar to form a firm dough.  To start with the Potato will go like liquid.  Don't Panic! Just keep adding the Icing Sugar.  The amount you will need will depend on the Potato, so have a big box to hand.  Dust a piece of baking paper with Icing Sugar and place the mix on top, roll out about 6"x6", again this will depend on the Potato, but aim for around 1/4" thickness.  Pop back into the fridge to firm up little more, or a flat surface in the freezer is ideal and quicker.  While you wait gently melt the Chocolate in a bowl sat over lightly simmering water.  Take a large clean plate and sprinkle the Coconut over.  Remove to the fondant from the Fridge/Freezer and cut into your prefered shape or bar size.  Now the production line begins.  Take a piece of fondant and add to the Chocolate, make sure it's covered.  You can use forks or spoons, but i found it easier to just get my hands in.  And anyway it's melted chocolate, so any excuse works for me.  Then just place on top of the Coconut.  Repeat until all the fondant has been covered in chocolate and is on the coconut plate.  Then simply sprinkle the remaining Coconut over the top.  Now put the bars back onto the baking paper and return to the fridge.  Allow to set, then eat.

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