Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pancake Day!

This year for Pancake Day I thought that something a little more special was in order.  And when I saw the link for a Chocolate Praline Pancake cake, I thought what could be better, Pancakes, Chocolate and Cake all in one... Brilliant.  I did however fancy changing just a couple of things, and that was to use Clotted Cream in place of the Double Cream and Whisky instead of Rum or Brandy.  The resulting Chocolate Sauce turned out so delicious, I just hoped that I would not eat it all before I could put together the pancake cake!  The Cake did get made and was a real hit with all the family.  If you'd like to have a try at this awesome recipe for yourself then check it out in the Recipe section of my blog.  Who needs Pancake Day anyway....Treat yourself. x

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